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  1. Installation reboots after trying to install

    Can some one please help me out here?
  2. Hey guys, First of all my PC: ASRock H55DE3 Motherboard Intel i5-760 @ 2.80Ghz ASUS GTX 560 8GB of DDR3 RAM 1333Mhz 128Gb SSD 750Gb HDD So now, I'm trying to make my first Hackintosh PC. A friend of mine recommend to the Niresh version. Everything wen't good untill i actually tried to get on the installation screen. So, i followed a tutorial on YT about how to do all of this.. I put the dmg file on my USB drive(that went with no problems). After that i put my BIOS to AHCI (It already was, but i did it anyways). After that i put my USB as first to boot. So then I get to the boot screen. And then I tried to start the installation, which leads to my pc restarting and getting me back to the NIresh screen. So I tried to use ''GraphicsEnabler=Yes -v -x'' (without the quotes). And it gave me this screen(as shown in the screenshot) and it reboots it back to the niresh screen. So I have no clue what else to do. I would love it if some one could help me out. Thanks in advance, GTAlba