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  1. Disk Utility problem

    Disk Utility problem Hey there guys, so a couple of days ago I had only one partition and it had El Capitan installed. I decided to update to Sierra but first I did a Backup and I made another partition with the backup. I did the update but after a while there were kernel panics all the time and I decided to format that partition, now I want to delete the first partition which had El Capitan at first then Sierra, to get the space combined to my backup partition because Its only 100 GB and I want the rest of the space but I cannot remove the first partition. It always says The volume “MAC OS” is not journaled. As a result it can not be resized. To enable journaling, cancel partitioning and use the “Enable Journaling” command under the “File” menu. I did try that, but nope, still can't click the '' - '' and delete it.. Any tips?