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  1. Mac OS Sierra Drivers

    Mac OS Sierra Drivers Hello, i installed Sierra onto my laptop an now i need drivers for it. It is a Lenovo t520 with a core i7 2720qm, 8 gb ram, Intel HD3000 and NVS4200m gpu. I need Graphics drivers and possibly sound drivers. Also if i can get the wifi card working that would be great Computer is reporting as a Unknown iMac
  2. Cloning a hackintosh

    Ok I'll give it a try today this afternoon when I come home. If it does the boot I'll tr to get it working
  3. Cloning a hackintosh

    Cloning a hackintosh Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum but I found a fully workng EL Capitan VM (even iCloud and messaging works!) and I want to clone it to actual PC hardware. What's the chances of it working? I used carbon copy clones to clone it to a flash drive (I used a flash drive because my gaming pc hosting the VM is a pain to remove hard drives). I haven't tried booting it yet but if it does boot and I clone it, how hard will it be to get drivers for one of the 2 laptops I plan on putting it on. Specs below laptop 1 Intel core i7 2720qm 8 GB ram Intel HD 3000 and Nvidia NVS4200m conexant audio Intel wifi card laptop 2: intel core 2 duo T5600 2 gb ram Nvidia GeForce GO 7400 dont remember wifi card (I think it's a atheros one I'm not sure) Broadcom ethernet dont know about audio whats my chances of getting it working?