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  1. BSD.PKG Error

    BSD.PKG Error Previously i was getting Essentials.pkg" Error then somehow i managed to get through using /amd64 -v npci=0x3000 and at the end of the installation i got following BSD.PKG error. could not find anything on google. what should i do? my specs HP af137au laptop 1.4GH CPU 12RAM 500GB Disk
  2. still waiting for root device

    i had the same issue, seems like USB port which connected with installer drive is not recognized. my laptop has 3 ports so i unplugged from one and put it to next then it picked it.
  3. i am having the same issue, my specs are HP af137au laptop - 1.4 ghz, 500GB Disk and 12GB RAM not sure what is wrong and have tried various bootflags. Installed run for 10 minnutes and then AMD Yosemite Install Error - Essentials.pkg error. what should i do?