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  1. Update base, kernel and kext I'm testing yosemite zone, and well, it works pretty well on Amd 8320 fx. However I'm pretty new to mackintosh world, so I know a very little about it. It runs with defaults (and prebuilt optimized) boot args. I'd like to update/test the new version and kernel (10.10.4) which should fix shutdown issue also in a vm I use for that. I'm not sure about the order of these things: 1) Should I run backup? (well, probably it's almost mandatory xD) 2) Should I update version directly from hackintosh? 3) When/where/how update kernel and kexts; how to preserve the previous ones. 4) Can be kernel-new kexts tested before replacing anything? (a sort of /kernelname -loadkext=path/to/kext/1.kext in bootloader). 5) Loading in bootloader; probably can be done both with GUI, startup console or editing the file, but it's better to know the various options.