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  1. Hi! I installed Yosemite last night and I ran multibeast. When I restarted I logged in by using 'root' and 'niresh' for username and password but it was stuck. The wheel just kept spinning. Any way to solve this? Thanks! SPECS: AMD FX 6100 (CPU) Acer Motherboard (Aspire M3450) 8 GB Ram ATI Radeon HD 7570 (Graphics)
  2. Hello, Currently I am working on an Hackintosh by using my current computer. My current compute has an AMD FX-6100 and AMD Radeon HD 7570 Drivers. However I am not able to comfortably do the installation because the 7570 is always in low resolution. I have installed Mountain Lion today but modifying kext's don't work. Is there any way to make AMD Radeon HD 7570 work with Niresh? I have 2 screens, both being 1920x1080p Thanks.
  3. AGPM Problem [AMD] [Radeon]

    May I please get a respond
  4. Hello! First off, I am not a new Hackintosher I have been following hackintoshes for a few years now but never really had one because of my computers always having amd cause they are like faster for me. Although this is my first time with Niresh. Niresh is new to me but I know some of the basics. When I boot in to Mavericks with the following boot flags: amdfx -v GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000 UseKernelCache=No I've been trying for days and none of the links would work for me. My specs are: AMD FX-6100 Acer Aspier M3450 Mother Board 8 Gig DDR3 Ram AMD Radeon HD 7570 If you need more info I would be happy to respond Thank you