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  1. @Niresh, Hmm... I noticed that Your app looks for all network kexts. My ethernet was already working correctly, I just needed to give a try to my wifi card. Sadly, there is no way to choose this in installation. edit: @Niresh also I think Your app should backup to desktop the kext it modifies. It would be easier to restore it when something goes wrong like in my case.
  2. Hi, I am having an issue with this app. The "Hackintosh Network Solution Sierra Edition". After installing kext using this App, right now I am hacing kernel panic. I booted OSX without injected kext. What I have to delete from S/L/E to return to previous state? Previously I was using "All in one Network Solution (Wireless & Ethernet) 1.0" on El Captain for my wifi, but on Sierra it's not working anymore. It would be easier if Niresh could upgrade this app instead this one.