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  1. [System Crash ] niresh 10.9

    Hi, sry about the delay to answer! Thank you very much! That annoying noise has gone away! About my GT 650M, i read about it, and after some hard research i found my GFX don't have optimus technology(i think so, because, in everyplace i search for ir in my computer, i can only found the GT 650M, never founded the integrated). But it seems the OS X doesn't found the VRAM(it displays as 0 MB). Don't know what to do next. Once again, thanks for your help´! Best Regards.
  2. [System Crash ] niresh 10.9

    How did you fix the sound issue? I'm having the same problem every startup(notebook user) Besides, i think my GT 650M is not compatible with OS X 10.9 =/