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  1. i7 3770k Sabertooth z77 Yosemite 10.10.1 How to install Multibeast Hello! First of all - thank you all for your work. I've found this community really helpful. I want to use mac os on my computer, and after watching literally hundreds of tutorials on how to hackintosh and coule of unsuccessful tries with different osx distros and methods, i decided to give a try the niresh method. My pc specs are CPU: Intel Core i7 3770k Ivy Bridge 8M BOX LGA1155 MB: Asus Sabertooth z77 GPU: Sapphire HD6670 1GB GD5 Bulk RAM: 2 X CORSAIR 8GB Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz I chose to try Yosemite because i've seen examples on youtube where similar configuration successfully ran this os x version. I already tried to install Yosemite once, on my primary hdd, and it stuck in the middle of installation bar after choosing which hdd to install on. I suppose either was the usb flash drive's fault (it's really old and slow one) or either something went wrong with the hdd partition. Anyways, now im getting a dedicated 1tb WD caviar blue drive for the purpose and a brand new flash drive to hopefully avoid stucking at installation. Last two weeks ive been reading so many topics and related tutorials, that i even got a bit confused, but i want to ask a couple of things that are still unclear to me: After installation, i need to install Multibeast, on the first mac osx boot (that is from the flash usb with Yosemite) Well - most of the tutorials on youtube suggest you download multibeast from tonymacs website. But what if my internet connection does not work on that first boot ? Can i install Multibeast from external media - either external hdd or another usb flash drive? If so - would Yosemite recognize the files on those , since they're formatted to work with windows ? So : 1st boot after installation completes -> restart -> motherboard boot menu -> boot again from usb flash mac os OR the freshly installed mac os on hdd and how to install multibeast if no internet connection is available Cheers!

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