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  1. Well... finally goodnews, installed fresh Sierra Zone and now i have everything working fine, just one last question. Can i update to 10.12.4 from the Appstore? i want it for Night Shift, but i dotn want to break anything if i do update.
  2. Yeah i think thats the problem i had, EFI partition was nuked after every install therefore Clover gave me errors when installing manually. Anyways, i started all over from scratch, used Niresh Yosemite and installed Clover as UEFI, from there i went to vanilla El Capitan using Clover and it went fine. My question now is... can i just install Sierra Zone over vanilla El Capitan without ereasing the drive but just as an update? of course i should NOT install any kexts or system files. EDIT: what model should i select in SMBIOS? on EL Capitan i had Macbook Air i believe... but cant find that one in Sierra zone installer.
  3. yeah sorry for the misleading title, it was really late and tired of trying to make this work. Ok a quick summary.. my HD died, so i got a new one, decided to jump straight into Sierra now that im at it. After installation, it goes smooth, but when it finishes and laptop restarts, if i unplug the Sierra Zone USB theres no Clover boot screen, only an HP logo. I can boot with the Sierra Zone USB just fine, but whenever i try to install the latest Clover it gives an error, if i try to use Clover configurator to mount EFI partition it says it cant mount it, i can see it in Diskutil but it wont mount, i then installed Yosemite Zone this morning and now i cant boot from HD either, i can see the EFI partition and Clover folder but Clover bootloader just wont show up on the bootscreen. What could i be doing wrong? im selecting "Install Clover EFI" on both Sierra and Yosemite Zone installer. Should i be selecting "Clover UEFI" instead? its like the EFI partition gets damaged somehow, i even completely formatted the HD on my Windows machine just in case the partition table got corrupted but still my EFI partition refuses to work, so i cant install kexts to Clover.
  4. Elitebook 8460P Hackintosh Bootloader not Working Just installed Sierra on my 8460p, i5 2520 HD3000, 4gb of RAM Im having a lot of trouble trying to make everything work, first of all, I can't even boot from HD I need the USB stick every time, whenever I boot from UEFI Clover I get a circle with a crossed line, verbose shows something about "couldn't find cache". Clover EFI folder is empty, no kexts, no sddt patches, nothing at all. Of course on the installer I select "Install Clover UEFI". If I boot from the USB stick, I can get into the OS but only things working are ethernet,trackpad and keyboard, graphics card gets recognized as HD 3000 with only 3m of memory, resolution is low, no hardware acceleration, brightness keys not working, sound keys work but I get no sound. On the installer I select Clover UEFI SMBIOS MAcbookPro 8.1 everything else I let as default. Everything on this computer was working fine on El Capitan and Mavericks which I still have installed on a spare HD. Help appreciated, I'm losing my patience after 2 days of fighting.
  5. Yosemite Zone on Elitebook 8460p

    UPDATE: now i can boot with ootflag Graphics Enabler-Yes, but have no working sound, brightness control, wifi and battery status. made a new thread about it, hope its not against the rules.
  6. Clover boot stuck at black screen Hi, after almost a dozen tries ive finally managed to install and boot Yosemite on my machine which is a Sandybridge Elitebook 8460p with Intel 3000 graphics. What i did was this: Installed Niresh Yosemite without selecting any bootloader, first boot with GraphicsEnabler-Yes flag it booted fine and i have hardare acceleration, only problems i noticed were no sound and no Wifi, after a reboot i ran Probook Installer and selected all the patches for my model, installed Clover then reboot. Now that i have Clover installed i select boot from my Yosaemite partition and it gets stuxck at a black screen on what i assume is the logins creen, if i press the brightness keys i can see the screen dimming so my guess is its working fine but i cants se anything at all. However, if i boot from Niresh Yosemite USB installer with GraphicsEnabler-Yes flag it booits fine. Please, if anyone has any suggestion as to how to fix the Clover black screen ill reall appreciate it, im SO CLOSE to finally have Yosemite running on this machine. UPDATE: i got a config.plist from Rehab's repository for my model (Intel HD 3000) put it into EFI - CLOVER - KEXTS and now i can finally boot from Clover and not even need for any bootflags. JUst a couple problems, i don;t have Wifi, battery status and volume keys dont work, volume is always at %100. If i understand how Clover works, it overrides any kexts in Sysytem - Library - Extensions and uses whatever kexts are in Clover's kexts folder (in my case 10.10), just a couple questions tho... could there be any incompatibility between a kext in S//L/E and Clover's kexts folder? Can i delete kexts from S/L/E that are duplicates from Clover's kexts folder?
  7. Elitebook 8460 sound stuck at max vol, headphone jack not working Hi, after many attempts at installing Yosemite on my Elitebook and ending with a shitty low res and 3mb video RAM and not being able to solve it, i installed Mavericks and i managed to do it on the first try, everything went smooth, ran Probook Installer Clover Edition after first boot and i have almost everything running perfectly, except for two things: i can't control volume, meaning it is stuck at %100 all the time, and headphone jack isnt working, it detects when i plug my headphones in since theres no sound coming through the speakers, but i cant hear anything on them. Tried the Voodoo Installer 2.8.8 but it didnt solve my problem, any suggestions appreciated.
  8. Yosemite Zone on Elitebook 8460p

    The thing is, i can boot the installed system, it hangs with that gfx 0 error just after the grey Apple logo, it installs just fine tho. Any suggestions as to what options should i try to get rid of that error?
  9. Yosemite Zone on Elitebook 8460p So, im unable to boot from the HD after installing Yosemite Zone. Specs Elitebook 8460p Core i5 2410m 2.30ghz 4Gb RAM Intel HD3000 Broadcom 43224AG Wifi Intel 82579LM Ethernet I can boot the USb installer just fine and run it with bootflag -x however, after a succesfull install, and booting from the HD partition, it hangs on "GFX0 family specifics matching fails" everytime. Im not selecting any bootloader on installation, not sure if that could be the problem, also ive checked BIOS settings and i have verything setup.