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  1. For graphics glitches,try booting using might need a gpu.even a 210 would suffice..
  2. Try booting using GraphicsEnabler=Yes . Heard that Mac OS is gpu hungry.You need to use the above bootflag to actually make your gpu work..
  3. Thank you it worked?
  4. Does the gpu name show up if we ont use GraphicsEnabler=Yes
  5. El capitan slow and glitchy graphics I installed el capitan using macpwn and installed it to my following pc. Dual core e2180, 6gb ram, zebronics g41 chipset mobo,seagate 250gb hdd.After installation everythings fast except the graphics. When i launch launchpad, you can see enormous lag and glitches or when i scroll down a page, balcj glitches appear. I had the same issue on niresh mavericks too. I had an old 210 and used it on mavericks. The system detected it but the glitch was still there. I jave not used 210 in elcapitan because it never worked with mavericks. Any ideas? BTW i did not install nvidia drivers on mavericks. Do we need to do that?