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  1. Installing on a Dell Inspiron 1545?

    Hi, I have a Dell 1545 currently with Mountain Lion installed. I can get to the Mavericks install screen but can't see any HardDrives to install $20 for anyone who can solve this for me email Here is how I got to where I am Dell 1545 Processor 2.19 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory 4GB 797 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Graphics GMAX3100 64 MB of Shared System M Serial Number G88014V4XYK First Very Importantly Change Bios HD to AHCI I used IAtkos S3 v2 to install snow leapard easily Snow leapord "The thing that got it booted for me was disabling RTC." Here are the selections that should be chosen from the custom installation "don't just press install" Chameleon v2 RC4, Graphics Enabler, AHCI SATA, Voodoo PS2, Voodoo P-state, Battery, Card Reader, TSC Sync. broadcom for wireless, But like u said you have gotten Snow Leopard already here is how i got ML installed again using IAtkosML I created a bootable USB Mountain Lion installation disk defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE You can see from this command that we are making a change to the default behavior of Finder, to show all files, and setting it to true. Next we need to restart Finder, to do this type killall Finder and hit return. El erase Elliottforcelegacyrtc from extra/extensions load ML2 installer -f -v npci=0x3000 UseKernelCache=No Bootloader options Leave Default AppleRTC1082.kext Evoreboot.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext FakeSMC.kext Add IOPCIFamily IOPCIFamily2.kext AppleACPIPlatform1081.kext Remove Kernel Cache Remove UseKernelCache=Yes flag Fix wireless adapter kext Once I fixed the wireless by injecting the kext I downloaded the vanilla version of Mavericks for free Maveics Download Maverics I have two hd that i swap out to get back to windows 7 then did a bios update (not sure if this is necessary) update bios I created an extra folder using various sources then injected it into myhack Here is the Extra Folder Here is the Altered MyHack that I used to create the Mavericks USB load with -v -f This will load the installer but I cant see the HardDrives. I've tried countless boot flags and countless injected kext Some other things that I tried after finding out the HD was not visible even with The Bios Change to AHCI other kext frm s/l/e rename iopcifamily2.kext to iopcifamily.kext and replace in system/library/extension rename LegacyAppleAHCIPort.kext to AppleAHCIPort.kext replace in s/l/e still no hard drive but still boots remove AppleIntelPowerManagement load with -v -f some references that I used About "Still waiting for root device" - Technical FAQ - InsanelyMac Forum pci configuration end bridges 5 devices 16