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  1. Problems in Yosemite 10_10_1.iso wmware player

    My first step was virtualbox, but, oracle put a kind o patch and don´t allowed hackintosh anymore... (at least the version I've donwload) I will try the in the furure the hardware install, the funny part comes with the sleekbook, I have to buy the external DVD player :-) Thanks for the support
  2. Problems in Yosemite 10_10_1.iso wmware player Hello friends, I have a huge problem and I can´t find how debug it. I´ve insaller the hiresh 10_10_1 in a virtual machine, with no problemas at all the instalation process, I use the flag /amd and start ok. the second part is the problem, when start the SO it dint´t start, just give me the kernel panic but don´t show me in wich line. first: I´ve use the flags -x -v -s and so on with not results, the last line erase from the machine with no log at all I've put again the /amd flag and tell me that the command no exists Any Idea. Main LAPTOP HP sleekbook 15" AMD-A64450M with RadeonHD 2 cores 8GB RAM, 512HDD Win 10 x64 --- VMware machine win8 x64 4GB RAM 60GB HDD SATA USB 2,0 Graphincs 128MB 3D niresh yosemite 10_10_1