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  1. Dual monitor issue

    Ok, a few months later and I'm on 10.9.5. The dual-monitor issue remains, but it's different now. I've added the PCIRootUID=1 parameter in both the chameleon plis AND apple boot list (didn't know what the os is actually using for boot) and both monitors are working BUT after a second boot. That's right, if I power the PC, OSX loads and when the login window should appear, the monitor goes to power saving and that's it. I hit the reset button and this time everything is fine. WHY is this happening?! I didn't change anything between the first and the second boot, so???
  2. Dual monitor issue

    I installed Niresh without any issues (the only flag I needed to use was USBBusFix=Yes) and I selected the USB Fix option in the Customize screen and also PCIRootUID=1. This second option allows my second monitor to work with OSX. Everything was fine till I updated to 10.9.3. After this, I can't boot into OSX without removing the cable from my second monitor. One would think that I can boot with PCIRootUID=1 and that's it, but it doesn't work anymore. With or without the flag, I have to remove the cable from my video card, or my main monitor stays on "no signal". What can I do??
  3. Dual monitor issue

    At the first reboot after installing Niresh (with PCIRootUID=1 selected in the options screen), yes, both monitors work fine. I also did another reboot, after Niresh finished configuring the installation, just to make sure and the monitors still worked. But, as I said, after updating to 10.9.2 everything went downhill... My video card is a nvidia 8600 GT 512MB. I remember having the same issue with other distros too, like iatkos - I always had to boot with PCIRootUID=1 to make the dual monitors work...
  4. Dual monitor issue

    This is driving me crazy... I have a video card with two outputs, a VGA and a DVI. My monitor is connected via VGA and I want to use another one on the DVI port with OSX. However, if I connect it to the DVI port, the main monitor goes into power save and nothing works. This also happens at boot, instead of the login screen I get a black monitor. The only thing that works is using PCIRootUID=1 and I selected that at the niresh installation. Everything worked fine, both monitors, etc. That is until I upgraded to 10.9.2 - after restart, same problem as before. Adding that boot flag to the Chameleon file doesn't work, I had to add PCIRootUID=0 to make my primary monitor work again... What can I do?