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  1. About to install mavericks Help Needed use this kexts to fix shutdown issue it helped me i had same problem as yours
  2. Booting Time

    New link
  3. Booting Time

    This Increased Time Even More Now It Takes 2 Min 33 Seconds :(
  4. Booting Time

    Here is the file dude
  5. Booting Time

    UseKernelCache=Yes..............Not working same problem taking more time :( around 2 min still
  6. Booting Time

    Ya dude ,exactly Same Problem With me :(
  7. Booting Time

    I have removed the unnecessary kexts and tried booting with UseKernelCache= Yes and No no change in boot time taking 2min around wat bootloader should i use 1) Default Niresh Bootloader comes always is it new or old one ??? Should i change that 2) Wat is Kernel Flags and how to check them
  8. Booting Time

    Dude,actually had the same problem even in 10.9 but today upgraded to 10.9.2 and let me try the 10.9.2 fix and let you know now reduced back to 2.5 min Not bad
  9. Mavericks 10.9.2 Niresh Distro?

    But why don't you download 10.9 and update it to 10.9.2 ,Perfect installations guides are available in forum
  10. Booting Time

    Mother Board Model :: Intel DH67CL Procc MODEL : Intel 3470 (3.19 GHz Intel Core i5) Ram : 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Graphics Card : Nvidia Gt210 Storage Details
  11. Booting Time

    Booting time is around 3.7min... is there any way to reduce it ... i had same problem with 10.9 today upgraded to 10.9.2 but still same problem Note :Only 3 applications are enabled at start up System config : i5 proc 3.2 Ghz(3rd Gen) Ram 8GB When i installed Mac Freshly it was around 2 min to boot up and after i installed the Audio kext it increased time to 3 min and now its around 3.7 min
  12. Followed The Instructions And It Worked Great, Thanks
  13. Unwanted Noise All Time

    Finally Fixed The issue by the Kexts files uploaded by you in the downloads sections Thanks a lot for the help Deepak
  14. Unwanted Noise All Time

    Finally Found that voodoohda.kext and deleted it completely and now no Audio device at all and i tried patched ALC892 and no sound working how can i enable sound now ???
  15. Unwanted Noise All Time

    About me Audio still shows as VOODOOO