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  1. VoodooPS2 Stuck on load & Chameleon only So, first of all: Chameleon/Darwin is the only bootloader there is. Clover, as shown in the instructions, is not a thing when booting. UEFI doesn't boot, BIOS does but straight into the commandline only chameleon. This isn't a big deal at all, just annoying. Second, we have VoodooPS2###. The trackpad & mouse doesn't work at all, as it just stops there and doesn't continue, not even over night. I've had the same problem with Yosemite Zone too, as I tried installing that onto the USB but same result with Chameleon and Voodoo. I've tried the new updates of VoodooPS2 stuff but even that doesn't work. ApplePS2 stuff I haven't been able to find, so I cannot test it.