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  1. Hiya, Managed to get Mavericks installed on my Asus M2N8-VMX at long last and am experiencing some lag...I'll start poking the config with Chameleon Wizard over the next few nights but can you point to a specific area I should be looking? Thanks
  2. Won't Boot into Installer

    As a start, I'd suggest using boot flags: "-v GraphicsEnabler=No" to see if it's just the GPU stopping the installer from starting - other good flags are cpus=1, USBBusFix=Yes
  3. Well, I followed all the steps and backed up my kernel and extensions folder then ran the update. Everything went smoothly and the laptop (Gateway MT6834b) rebooted and restarted without my needing to boot to terminal and replace the just worked. My next mission is to see if I can update this further