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  1. Recovering Encrypted Files **PLEASE HELP**

    Makes sense. It's definitely clever. I'm just glad I found a way to get around it with necessarily having a back-up drive. I will forever back-up and stay protected from now on. You go so long without any issues and think you're invincible lol but reality is nobody is safe! Cheers man.
  2. Recovering Encrypted Files **PLEASE HELP**

    Hey Rico, yeah I already stated that I successfully recovered my files in Windows, no problem. I lost nothing in the end and got rid of the Ransomware. All is well for my Windows side. But because I had Paragon installed to access my OS X partition from Windows, that was exposed to the Ransomware as well so it encrypted those files also. So my question was is there any way to do the same type of thing, but just through Windows instead of OS X (because I currently can't boot into OS X). But obviously there isn't a way, I was just trying my luck. I unplugged the hard drive for now and I'm going to tackle it once I can boot into OS X. In the end, what was more important to me was on my Windows side, so if I lose those files on the OS X side, oh well. It would only be picture files for the most part anyway (that's all they really encrypted in Windows). Everything else was untouched by the Ransomware. It was clever, but in the end they didn't do a very good job in my experience.
  3. Recovering Encrypted Files **PLEASE HELP** I have a major debacle I ran into this morning. I accidentally downloaded Spora Ransomware when using my Windows 7 from my Hackintosh. I'm actually only using Windows right now on my machine because my OS X side won't boot all the way through (currently trying to tackle that issue but that's for another day, because I found a way to access my Mac partition through Windows with Paragon so that's all I really cared about at the moment). But anyway, it makes you try to pay them to recover the files they encrypted, but of course as any good PC user, I found a way to recover my files without messing with that. In my case, it looks like they only encrypted picture files like .jpg. In fact, .png files weren't even encrypted, video files are unaffected, etc. Some other random files like zipped font folders were encrypted but I'm not worried about all of that. Ironically this all happened 2 days after my MalwareBytes expired (I should have renewed). Now first thing, I have yet to remove the Ransomware because I heard if you remove it before your files are recovered, it may permanently delete those files, so I recovered them and put them all on my external so I can remove the Spora crap. BUT, now I have to tackle recovering the files from the Mac partition (that I'm accessing from Windows 7) and it's not working the same because there are no previous versions due to them not being originally from my Windows hard disk). Yes, the Ransomware even encrypted the files from the Mac partition (jagoffs). I tried using things like Recuva, but of course it can't read my Mac drive. So my question is, is there any possible way anybody knows of that will help me recover the picture files that are encrypted from my Mac partition THROUGH my Windows 7? Remember, I can't access my Mac side, so I can't just download some recovery software that's applicable with OS X. Please if you have any ideas I would love to hear them, so much history is on my computer and it's my dumb fault for not backing those up previously or failing to renew MalwareBytes, but I'm a believer that in most cases, there's always a way to make things happen. I would love to find out where these guys are and give them the business. Thank you for any insight.