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  1. HP 15-ac118la Problem I download Yosemite Zone (10.10.1) and when i tried to install appear this read hfs+ file hd(0,1)/System/Library/Extensions/VoodooTSCSync.kext/Contents/macOS/VoodooTSCSync 33384 problems encountered while starting up the computer. pausing 5 seconds... And after that the screen goes with the Hackintosh zone logo, but if i put the boot flag "-v" the screen goes black The macOS on the directory is my USB I try the /hp /hp 1 -v -x boot flags but appear the same error My laptop is a HP 15-ac118la This are my specifications: I search for this problem and only found 1 forum and say something about a bootflag tha start with /haswell i tried but i have the same problem. Thanks.