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  1. Custom AMD build FX 6300 success!!

    Hi Everyone I'm trying (without success) to make 10.9 or 10.10.1 correctly function on a configuration composed like this AMD FX 6300 MB GA-78LMT-USB3/Rev 6.0 (with integrated radeon 3000) But i can't complete the booting process, i'm stuck at PCI CONFIGURATION BEGIN I also read various topic with suggestions as Try: # amdfx npci 0x3000 ( or 0x2000) -v #amdfx ( or amd , or amd64 or amd1 or amd2 ) #amdfx GraphicEnabler:1 (or 0) #amdfx PCIRootUID=1 (or 0) basically i followed the official how to Sorry for the recap, but , really nothing worked for i'm here asking you, any suggestions for me ? or i've to leave the idea of an Hackintosh on my configuration? Thanks to everyone who will spend a minutes for me.