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  1. System preferences "Loading" HELP!

    Thank you i will try that, i only used "-v" during the installation so that i could see what was going on. Also when i say that it "freezes" during setting up your mac, i mean that i don't get past that screen, but i can still move my mouse, so i don't think it's a kernel panic or similar... SPECS: Laptop: HP Probook 4510s CPU: Intel Celeron Dual-Core Processor T1600 1.66 GHz Chipset: Mobile Intel GL40 Express Chipset , 667 MHz front side bus (models with integrated graphics) GPU: Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD (Integrated) RAM: 4 GB DDR2 800 Mhz Gonna try and restall. Will report back! Update: Just reinstalled with -v -x + used it on the first boot. Still stuck at setting up your mac (i can move my mouse). It's been stuck there for 30 minutes now..
  2. System preferences "Loading" HELP!

    I know haha, Everytime i install it get's stuck on "setting up your mac" so i have to hard reboot the laptop.. maybe that is why i get all these problems? haha I don't have any file called even tho i have hidden files shown, i did verify disk and it said that the volume is OK.. Damn this lol
  3. System preferences "Loading" HELP!

    Once again thank you for helping! When i click on reset default keychain i just get "The Specified Keychain Could Not be Found" I also don't know the password for unlocking "local keychain".. no password that i have set seems to work.
  4. System preferences "Loading" HELP!

    Thanks i will try that now. Update: Just did it, it ended with "the volume appears to be ok" But i still have the same problem. Can't open stuff in the preferences, like network/users and groups etc. It just get suck on "loading" And yes it's pretty weird that it happens everytime i reboot.. This is what is looks like: So i don't really get to a "normal" login screen.
  5. System preferences "Loading" HELP!

    Thanks for your answer, I already tried that, same problem occurs on a new account, also. If i login to any other account than root, i get a lot of questions marks on apps. Because everytime i start the Hackintosh it says mac osx want to make some changes so i have to login as root to allow it..
  6. System preferences "Loading" HELP! So i just installed mavericks on my laptop, everything works fine (except wifi of course because my card is not compatible) But i have a problem, when i enter system perferences, and click on Users & Groups, or Network, or ANY other tab except for general. It just says "Loading" but the setting never pops up, only way to close it is to force close the system preferences.. I have tried to repair the disc premissions but that didn't work, still the same problem, can anyone help me? Thanks.