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  1. Maybe I need other flags?

    Thanks, it worked (except in the last moment of the installer, less than a minute it says: an error occurred while running scripts from the package OSInstall.postscript.pkg) Then, I see in the Clover my Sierra HDD, but I can´t boot in, I tried the same flags for the installer and nothing. In verbose mode, it only shows some asterisks and then restart
  2. Maybe I need other flags?

    Okey I finally booted to the installer with these flags: -v kcsuffix=amd Kernel=amd npci=0x3000 dart=0 The problem now is I can´t use keyboard/mouse in the installer (I tryed USBBusFix=Yes but nothing) Edit myself: I did work the USB in the installer, the problem now is when i click in the language selection "continue", it crashes. I tryed to edit the config.plist with the Language en:0, but nothing.
  3. Maybe I need other flags? Hello! I installed a time ago the yosemite zone, and it was great, now I´m trying to install Sierra, I followed the flags from the tutorial in hackintosh-computer, but it stuck in this screen. (lost battery power) Used flags: -v -x kcsuffix=amd Kernel=amd If I don´t use -x, the screen stuck in "SMC: Succesfully initialized" My system specs are: amd fx 8320, sabertooth 990fx 2.0 and nvidia gtx970