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  1. freeze using sierra i had niresh yosemite, but last day i decided to update to sierra, everything works fine, but when i'm using it somethimes it freeze and the only thing that i can do is force the switch off of the computer, so i tried to return to yosemite, but every time i get a "kernel panic" problem. any help? i5 4460 lenovo sharkbay mb gtx 745
  2. sorry i'm not so practical, how can i update voodoo?
  3. i've eliminated the buzz when i'm using the audio jack, but still not working with HDMI
  4. yes i'm using voodoo. from hdmi no sound at all, and from the jack i can hear an annoying continuous buzz but the sound works mb: lenovo sharkbay intel core i5-4460 ram : 4gb gtx 745
  5. HDMI audio not working i have just installed yosemite, and everything is fine but the audio does no work on my tv, i use cdmi connection, and the video works fine but no audio; any help?