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  1. Dual booting Sierra and Snow Leopard same drive different partions Hi I have a Dell XPS 8100. I have a hard drive with 2 partitions. I first successfully installed Snow Leopard on one partition and Sierra on the second. My problem is since I installed Sierra I cant boot into Snow Leopard. It stalls on the loading scripts at system uptime in naoseconds As a update, I am able to boot to Snow Leopard booting to a Snow leopard Osx 86 Snow Leopard mod install dvd.Then selecting Snow Leopard. However the same dvd wont let Sierra boot . I am guessing it has something to do with the boot conf between the 2 systems. Sierra will boot by itself. It uses Clover 2.4k rev 4012. I have reinstalled Sierra using Chameleon install to efi option. After installation and on reboot the first screen gives me a choice of Snow Leopard only. If I hit the space bar I get the option of both Sierra and Snow Leopard. Snow leopard will boot fine. However Sierra stalls and cant find kernel match. It now shows darwin /x86 boot v 5.0.132 and chimera v 1.7.0. r 1394. What must I do to correct this? Any suggestions appreciated Thanks