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  1. Sorry for late reply but i just get a black screen with no text in verbose mode. I'm really confused here. Also could anyone recomend a guide for installing a custom kernel or anything else that may help in a situation such as this one. Thanks in advance.
  2. In that case how would I get a custom kernel?
  3. This is before install because I haven't managed to get to the installation screen yet. I have also tried ncpi=0x3000 "Kernel Cache"=amd64 mach_kernel arch=i386
  4. PLEASE HELP CAN'T BOOT PLS. I have an hp compaq 6735b tried booting with -v -x hp amd amd64 PCIRootUID=0 and many others please help. Specs Amd turion x2 64 2ghz 2gb of ram ATI Radeon hd 3200