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  1. That's what worked for me. Don't create a new partition or anything. I left it to install overnight so I have no idea how long it took? Hope it works for you too!
  2. Ok, just an update to my original post. I read somewhere to just run the installer again, without erasing the hard drive, etc. And, it looks like it installed successfully? I let the installer run overnight. When I woke up this morning, the installer had finished and there was a message saying that it had not installed. However, I re-booted my machine and it booted to Sierra! I did the usual setup stuff (account creation, etc) and all seems good so far. I'm sure there are a few things to tweak but I will have to work through those as they appear. I don't have it connected to the internet yet and that might be an issue? We'll see.
  3. Sierra hanging on 'less than a minute left' - HP xw6600 Hi I tried installing the Sierra Zone on my xw6600 and everything seemed to go well with the installer until it got to 'less than a minute to go'. It froze at this point and did not continue. I left it on overnight and it was still stuck at the same point in the morning. Any ideas what could be wrong? Intel Xeon processor1,4 E54103 2.33 GHz 2x6 MB L2 cache 1333 MHz FSB NVIDIA Quadro FX 370