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  1. It is not only on broadwell processors.. I also tried on a Skylake processor i have here and got the same problem... i used to activate it patching some two kexts on clover configurator but it doesn't seem to work anymore.. Well my pc specs are: Intel i7 5500 Intel hd 5500 graphics 8 gb ddr3 ram nvidia geforce 920m 2gb 240 gb ssd sandisk Lets hope for an update on iso or somebody really good come up with a solution XD
  2. you first problem can be solved by copying the EFI folder from the usb that has the OS to your EFI partition. You have to mount it using clover. Another approach is to use Multibeast and install the bootloader. In my case, the UEFI Clover bootloader worked out fine. But i'm facing the same problem with my onboard video.. I used to be able to activate it before the last update on the niresh image... but now i cant.. if you can share how you activated the sound and the battery percentage i would be greatfull xd
  3. well anybody, please?
  4. intel hd 5500 not activating after update Hi guys!!! With this image of sierra i could finally get hackintosh running on my notebook. See, the problem is that I was able to activate my Intel HD 5500 on my hackintosh.. It was about March.. Then I gave up a little bit because didnt had time to get hackintosh working.. Now that I've downloaded the image again, I cant activate at all my onboard video.. I used this method to activate the first time: (it is in portuguese but i think you can understand how it is done) Using this same way I wasn't able to make it work. On "About this mac" it is written "Intel HD Graphics 5500 7 mb" (when it is fresh installed it says "display 7 mb")... so i was digging a little and found out that the kext i was patching didn't exist (AppleIntelBDWGraphicsFramebuffer). So I ve searched for on the web, found the kext, downloaded it. After that I re-installed the system on my computer, installed that kext i had downloaded, restarted my computer and then i follewed one more time the steps on that video. So I've realized that now, again on "About my mac" it is finally written "Intel HD Graphics 5500 1536 MB" but i still have no graphic accelerartion at all! it simple doesn't work! I also noticed that before I couldn't get audio to work at all!! tried everything i found online but nothing worked.. With this new Image I downloaded I just change audio inject to 3 in clover and it worked.. (it is so ironic xD) I saw that there were an update on april 22 on the link.. i think it might be related =).. i'm not downloading the same thing i did on march If someone could help me, please! Ps; my boot args: nv_disable=1 kext-dev-mode=1 Thanks!!