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  1. Why my PC goes pass USB Bootable? Hi Hackintosh Community, I just made bootable Yosemite with transmac and when I start a computer and choose boot from USB, it's just ignore my USB and goes into Windows. I've try it with my desktop also and it just goes to my Ubuntu. Same thing happen with Maverick. The Sierra is detected but it get stuck on Choosing language and that the reason I try Yosemite.
  2. Why It get stuck at Choosing language! Hi hackintosh community, I downloaded the DMG sierra and make a bootable with TransMac in a hope of turning my old intel e8400 into MacOS. Make bootable went fine until I try to install it and it's hang in choose language menu. I press enter and wait for a pretty long and it still there. I've try many attempt and it still stuck there. What else should I try? I'm not downloading Yosemite in a hope that it won't stuck in choose language again. Specs: GT 210 C2D e8400 ram 2gb Bios doesn't has much to change.