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  1. Thanks Niresh I tested with cpus = 1 and threw the same error
  2. Ok Niresh here I leave the video you asked me
  3. Thanks Niresh... I leave you the video
  4. Yes, exactly that message ("Waiting for remote debugger connection") appears before hanging up, but according to the manufacturer's page, my processor supports SSE4.1 Intel® Core ™ i3-3220 Processor
  5. no debugger device First of all, I apologize for my bad English. I'm trying to install Niresh Sierra on my PC, since I have installed Niresh Yosemite without problems ... Start the installation from chameleon, but at the beginning of the same is stuck in ¨dp_poll: no debugger device¨ I tried different boot flags but still throwing the error. Features of my PC. Intel Motherboard Intel Core I3 Processor 6GB RAM AtiRadeon HD6450 Video Card Thank you so much.