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  1. ALC887 not working/detected

    @Niresh Okay when I run lspci after installing it, I get: Mehtabs-iMac:~ mehtabmahir$ sudo lspci -nn Password: DirectHW.kext not loaded. lspci: Cannot find any working access method. Mehtabs-iMac:~ mehtabmahir$ First time I installed the hackintosh.zone version (audio still didnt work), then I made an official vanilla apple installation through app store and installed that.
  2. ALC887 not working/detected

    @Niresh Hi, I tried the first method but it did not work. I also tried VoodooHDA but when I try to access it, it says "No VoodooHDA Devices Detected". I tried to run that command but I get the following: "sudo: lspci: command not found". Any ideas?
  3. ALC887 not working/detected

    ALC887 not working/detected I set up a Hackintosh for the first time and it took a while to set up. I got everything to work EXCEPT for sound. I tried to installations, but when I run the command file, it says no audio device detected. On clover bootloader, under audio, it says "Unknown HDA device". My audio device is Realtek ALC887. Any help would be appreciated. @Niresh My system: Intel i3 6100 3.7 Ghz Nvidia GTX 750 Ti MSI H110m Pro-D motherboard Windows 10 Home - Toshiba 1tb HDD 7200rpm NTFS Macintosh Sierra - WD Green 750gb HDD 5400rpm HFS+