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  1. @Niresh Thanks Dude, I worked Everything is clear and pretty ,, wow just need one more tip though, I mounted My other HDD and its on NTFS format how can I write into them.
  2. @Niresh Yes, I do have 3 folders: Graphics-Kexts, Kexts and ReplacedFiles the "Graphics-Kexts" Folder have 3 sub folders: ATI, Intel and nVidia as for nVidia it has: 9 .kexts files
  3. @Niresh Well, this is weird. I typed in the command but "grafix" : sudo: grafix: command not found.
  4. @Niresh no i didn't i just unchecked laptop kexts and checked GraphicsEnabler=Yes
  5. nVidia card detected but problems with resolution and glitches sup Finally I got Hackintosh working dunno how actually I tried several copies and distros I even tried Mavericks thinking downgrading would solve some problems. anyways desperately tried Niresh Sierra the result got my soul back to my body I got everything working I'm posting actually from my hac right now .. though nVidia card is detected and recognized but still resolution stuck in 1280x1024, my screen resolution is 1920x1080. Also There is Graphics glitches everywhere like the driver is never installed, you gonna see and totally understand from the photos..