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  1. Installation complete but cannot boot into Yosemite

    I only added the battery percentage thing in customize menu btw
  2. Installation complete but cannot boot into Yosemite

    Yeah I used Chameleon. I just left the Boot loader the same in the customize section
  3. Installation complete but cannot boot into Yosemite Hi Niresh, I'm having trouble booting up Yosemite after it had successfully installed. It says Memory Allocation error! Addr: 0xdeadbeef, Size 0x0, File: ati.c, Line: 1772 This is not a recoverable error! System halted. What do I do to get it to boot up? AMD E2 1800 APU 6GB RAM
  4. Unable to install OS X Sierra Hi Niresh, I'm having a hard time trying to install your Hackintosh Sierra Zone distro it just simply won't get to the Language chooser screen. It gets to the UEFI Hackintosh menu. Btw this laptop is an AMD E2 Dual Core 1800 APU with 6GB of RAM. I enter kcsuffix=amd along with flags but I've tried everyone one and non work it does the whole verbose thing but gets up to System Uptime in nanoseconds then it reboots the laptop going back to the Hackintosh Zone menu. I need urgent help on this matter and please don't delete this. Thanks