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  1. Stuck on Boot Logo/Black Screen

    Thank you for replying! Just tried both ways, neither worked. KernelCache bootflag did nothing, still got stuck in the Hackintosh Zone boot logo. Pressing number 6 would yield a result saying no bootable devices found
  2. Stuck on Boot Logo/Black Screen Hey, Thank you Niresh for making this possible! I had some issues my laptop not detecting the USB, but it started detecting it after I changed boot mode from UEFI to Legacy. It started to successfully boot afterwards but it just gets stuck on the Hackintosh Zone boot screen. So I rebooted my laptop and ran it with -v and also with the graphicsEnabler=no option but both of those just make it get stuck on a black screen instead. My laptop is a Acer Aspire V15 Touch with an Intel i7-5500u CPU and a GTX 840m GPU. My USB is 8GB if that matters. Pictures of the boot options and -v option: Hope I didn't miss anything. Thank you!