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  1. Problem with AppleUSBEHCI

    Dont work, no more than part "acpi patcher"
  2. Problem with AppleUSBEHCI Hi, the problem I have is that my machine does not go beyond that error, which is repeated and does not allow progress. I could only get here with clover, and try to put these bootflags: -v Darkwake = 0 Dart = 0 Slide = 0 Npci = 0x3000 & npci = 0x2000 Cpus = 1 USBBusFix = Yes Kcsuffix = amd Kernel = kernel.amd And yet it does not work, I attach pictures of the error that I get. My pc: AMD FX 8320E MB: Asus M5A78l-m/USB3 GPU: nVidia GTX 550ti Sorry for my bad English.