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  1. Red screen on Sierra Installed Sierra on -x safe mode it works but when i boot with bootflag graphicsenabler like on 10.10 red screen appear after loading process In background i listen music..
  2. Error in 99% complete

    Absolutely same i had every combinations of these stucks at the end of installation try to install only fakeSMC bu after that i have problems with red screen.. I tried today 40x to reinstall sierra but worthy ibreally dont understand zone edition its not good as Yosemite zone... Its very bad that many apps today wont support 10.10
  3. error "move nvidia.pkg"

    No i tried again install 10.10 and upgrade to sierra withou chance only in mode -x but with graphic not If i install with unselecting graphic backup i had next error in installation "audio.pkg" and if i unseleted everything and install same red screen i have
  4. error "move nvidia.pkg"

    I have new informations for me works bootflag -x it boot normally but without graphic if i try classic bootflag graphicsenabler=no it doesnt work for me... Only red screen appear after that If i want inatall move radeon pkg manually in safe mode i have still same problem package wont install...
  5. error "move nvidia.pkg"

    I have same problem ... I tried many combinations with customize but norhing... My pc: intel core i3-2100 support 4.1/4.2 gpu - ati radeon HD7750 previous version 10.10 works perfectly. There is installer log: