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  1. After sucessfull installation, cant find /amd1

    You have to copy (cp) the kernels to the system cp -f /Volumes/"Image Volume"/amd2 (space) /Volumes/"Mac OS"/System/Library/Kernels/ don't type (space) What I did was boot to the loader on usb/cd on the Installer window select "Utilities" Then "Terminal" Type: cp -f /Volumes/"Image Volume"/amd2 (space) /Volumes/"Your Mac Disk Name"/System/Library/Kernels/ don't type (space) ... replace "your mac disk name" with what your mac disk name is use the kernel that worked in your Install: amd1 amd2 (worked for me) amd32 (don't worry it's 64bit) amd64 I also had to define the exact path of the kernel during boot at the bootloader I had to type in /System/Library/Kernels/amd2 Once booted go to the Chameleon app (in applications) and you can define which kernel works for you very trial and error but right now I'm using the 10.10.4 kernel and the kexts provided works faster than the "amd" kernel My rig is using VMware with an FX8450 cpu and Radeon 270 gfx