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  1. Hello mdg1618, thanks for your reply, but i am still trying to install sierra on my computer, let me try to follow your way with yosemite first, i will let you know how it works. thanks again.
  2. Having Issues Installing Sierra Zone

    i am also having the exact same issue in my sierra installation
  3. i am also having the same issue with my installation on g61m gigabyte motherboard, previously running el captian. one thing to note that i tried the same installation with any another 500gb seagate harddisk, its showing random issue with different package files, like audio.pkg, network.pkg, dart0.pkg respectively after unselecting one by one from customize menu.
  4. USB not bootable

    i also did the same and created the bootable usb with that dmg and on g41 mother board, it boots but after i select hackntosh zone on boot menu after a few second it stucks on an different issue following by this thread below, here i only want to mention that the usb is working on my g41 mother board, but not working with my g61 gigabyte motherboard, so i think its not with usb i guess. please let me know if you can help us Niresh.
  5. Mac OS Version: Not Yet Set

    i am also exactly stucked on the same screen, my mother board is ga g41mt ES2L, which running el captian previouly.