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  1. Vanilla or Sierra Zone on Core 2 Duo & Intel DG35EC Computer: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 (SSE4 capable) Intel DG35EC nVidia 9400 GT Niresh. I have tried Sierra Zone and Yosemite. The USB booting gets stuck on a blinking underscore. I cannot type anything. So I tried it with a hard disk instead. Transmac on to a USB hard disk. Same result. Any ideas?
  2. Ok. Update. I tried using Yosemite-zone.dmg using Transmac and still no BOOT. I don't know how to set -v on a Yosemite Zone USB created by Transmac. I think this all might be concerning my BIOS setting or version or something. I don't have an option to set HPET mode.
  3. Oh. I know my hardware is compatible. I am basically running the same hardware family as the OP. Core 2 family processors and P35/G35 chipset. Mine is G35 his is P35. Not too different from each other. Niresh. I just have a couple of questions. :- 1) Will this work with a Vanilla Sierra DMG from apple that contains the .app file and all? 2) IF NOT. Will the Hackintosh Zone Sierra DMG download out here work for this method? I think that one is modified for USB right? 3) This is one is stupidest. How do I set these bootflags? -v -f etc that the OP has suggested? Like theses - "bootflags with -v at first installation". I know it's usually done during boot time. But my USB doesn't boot. I guess that's happening because I am using Vanilla Sierra. 4) Aside from the above method. What are some other methods I can use for creating a USB using a VMWare. Mind I already tired Pandora's Box, Clover, Enoch Chameleon....none of them make the USB boot.
  4. Hey, do you think this will work for Sierra on a Core 2 Duo E7500 and Intel DG35EC Motherboard with nVidia 9400 GT. My mother is obviously differnt and the DSDT for your motherboard are available. I have tried using Clover and... The Restore method. The Flash USB Maker .. etc. etc. But nothing seem to work. I am doing this on a VMWare Sierra. On Windows. Could that be the problem?