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  1. In my experience the gui works via a remote console session. I have the same problem (which I don't mind). Try see if you can remote control the machine...
  2. The script seemed to work, but sadly exactly the same result. The machine seems to shutdown but actually reboots. An extremely annoying bug since I manager this machine headless via my iOS devices.
  3. Please guys, I'm sure someone here has the answer to this
  4. Reboot instead of shutdown Does anyone have any idea what I can do to prevent my machine from rebooting when I try to shut it down? Thank!!
  5. No GUI more on the console after bootloader instllation I have instaled the latest version of Chameleon & after I rebooted my machine, the GUI is gone. It does work when I remote control the machine. Anyone have any idea what this is? thx!!
  6. FirePro V3900 Hi, I would love to know if anyone here knows how to get a ATI FirePro V3900 working with Sierra. I managed to get my Hackintosh running fairly well except for the video card. Any help would be appreciated