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  1. Hey Kim, I managed to complete install El Capitan (vanilla one) with all devices working ok. The nvidia was a struggle again but i managed to make it works (drivers from mavericks + cuda + web driver + nvda_drv=1 (bootflag)) I'm also dual monitoring, so during boot i'm using only the DVI one and once all is loaded/booted I'm attaching the VGA and enable it ..i didn't manage to find any other way to start both monitors without hanging/black screens/reboots So it is working great now & many thanks as well as to @Niresh for the good debugging boot how-to page
  2. Hey Kim, I dont need Sierra for a particular app... it was time to move from Mavericks which is pretty good OS but quite old and some apps are not supported any more @Niresh Maybe Niresh will be able to give us a hint? and it will be very appreciated Meanwhile do u know any good guide for El Capitan...vanilla one i guess? mn thnx
  3. Hi Kim, The system is locked up/hanged completely so it is not some USB(mouse, KBD) issue, also i'm using UEFI bootloader; The craziness is that im not able to find anything in the logs but i assume it is the video driver as before installing the Web one, only one of the monitors is working w poor performance, while whenever the Web driver is installed, both of the monitors are displaying the blury wallpaper/login screen but it is complete stuck at that moment Meanwhile w maverick the video card was working fine, so i think there is a way to make it works but not an expert so any suggestions are welcome
  4. Hi, Im facing the same issue w geforce gt 705, Sierra installed, the card is detected but very poor performance. Whenever using Nvidia web driver, at login screen everything is stuck. Any ideas? System configuration: Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 3.59 GHz Memory: 16 GB Chipset Model: Dell GeForce GT 705 Type: GPU Bus: PCIe Slot: PCI Slot 0 PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 2048 MB