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  1. Problem dual booting in two different drives I want to say hello to all the members of the community and say thanks for your help!! I've installed Sierra and everything went good very easily, but I had a problem when I tried to make a dual boot with Windows 10. The problem is when I boot, in the boot manager I can see and choose 5 drives, the first is the drive with sierra, the second is with windows, then there are other 3 drives (with a windows flag) where nothing happen if I choose them. To me they are partitions made from windows automatically when I installed it. The os are in two different drives, a ssd drive with Sierra and a sata drive with windows. There is a way to delete from boot those option and have only the two with operative system? The machine is: i3 Skylake, Gigabite D3HP, 8gb ram, Samsung evo 830, Gigabite Gt 740, sata hdd Toshiba.