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  1. Bootloop after installing Nvidia Web Driver (Kernel Panic ?)

    nevermind, Fixed by changing adapter from DVI to VGA ; to HDMI to VGA
  2. Bootloop (Restarting by itself) after installing Nvidia Web Driver Hi. Recently, I have successfully installing a. Hackintosh Sierra on my PC. It's my first try use a Hackintosh. The question I want to ask is why my pc is kept restarting by itself (Kernel Panic?) after installing NvidiaWebDriver? I've try many various ways on google but still don't work. Here is one of my crashlog witonly one arguments This crashlog with Nvda_drv=1 This is with GraphicEnabler=0 And nvda_drv=1 The Reason why I'm doing this I'm tired of my screen tearing, Only have 5 MB of VRAM (As stated on "About this Mac") .My intel HD 530 won't work, even though I install the driver from Multibeast. My pc Spec. Hackintosh Zone Sierra 10.12.3 Installed on separated Harddisk drive (I have 2 Drive ; The first drive for windows; The Second one for Hackintosh) Using Clover as boot loader Using DVI to VGA adapter to connect to my monitor (my monitor does not have DVI slot) i3-6100 H110M GTX 950 8GB Of Ram Looking for further replies sorry for my bad English