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  1. I tested with the personalities and it didn't change anything in terms of fixing the problem. Should I try without the ROM files ?
  2. I tried both on my ROM dump and the other ROM dump. Other ROM dump either doesn't boot to login screen, or boots to HDMI which then goes into a grey screen and you can't do anything. On my dump it always boots, but only shows 7Mb RAM and no qe.
  3. I've tried this ROM file again and yet again it doesn't work on the system. Half the time the system won't boot into the login screen. Removing it or using mine works, but won't see the correct amount of memory & the full graphic features don't work. Any more thoughts ?
  4. If you look at the card details, it notes 3 memory variants which includes 2gb of ram. Card Notes Memory Variant: 2048MB DDR3 Memory Variant: 1024MB GDDR3 Memory Variant: 2048MB GDDR3 However this still doesn't help it getting 10.9.x to see more then 7Mb via Clover Bootloader, where Chameleon sees the card & 2Gb but only output via the HDMI port. Can you think of anything else that could enable it to see the memory correctly. As stated before the ATI ROM v2 file doesn't work.
  5. This graphics card has 2Gb of memory - Sony says so, Windows 8.1 says so. I've tried the ATI ROM v2 file before which doesn't work. Even Chameleon says 2Gb (see HDMI output.RTF), which is from OS X via a screen dump via the HDMI port.
  6. Devonic, I've done as noted above plus I had to tick Inject ATi, however the system now sees the Ati Radeon HD 7650m, but only with 7Mb of memory and not the full 2Gb it has. Any ideas please ?
  7. All, I have a Sony SVE171E13M which has a ATI 7650M 2Gb graphics card. The Sony BIOS is locked right down, so using the HD4000 on the CPU (i7-3632QM CPU (Ivy Bridge) isn't possible, as there are zero BIOS options for GC settings. I have Chameleon 2.2SVN r2377 installed with 10.9.2 along with Chameleon Wizard. When I use Graphics Enabler = YES - The system picks up the card correctly 7500/7600 (Pondweed) and I get full functions, however it will only output to the HDMI Port. The laptop screen goes blank. When I use GE=No - The system won't pick up the graphics card correctly and shows Display 7Mb, but the laptop Screen works. I've had no luck with Clover as a Bootloader working with the GC. Chameleon is the closest to work, except for this little issue. I'm hoping this is something simple or that the forum can provide simple terms / help in sorting this final issue out. Any help on sorting this out would be gratefully received. Chameleon Dump (GE=YES) copy.txt HDMI Only.rtf
  8. Amd 7650M

    Did you get this working. I have the 7650m 2gb card in my sony and I get it to output on the screen @ 1080p, but no QE/CI. It shows the card but with 7Mb RAM. I've tryed the ROM file (Blackscreen) , but I notice talk about injecting EDID - What is this? I've ticked / unticked plus text options within the Clover Configurator, but still no luck. It's the last thing to fix.