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  1. MacOS Sierra bless boot program error

    Here is an update to installing sierra osx on AMD FX 8350: So after many many long frustrating but extremely educational days of trying to install OSX on my custom AMD FX 8350 Asus M5A99FX pro 2.0 PC i have been able to successfully install the following: OSX Mavericks OSX Yosemite OSX El Capitan OSX Sierra Since we are in the Sierra Zone forum i will explain how i was able to install Sierra OSX full operating system that is Stable and Clean. This is not a guide for Sierra Zone but for Sierra OSX clean install for AMD FX 8350. 1. Go download Sierra OSX 10.12 from the App store which is free to all who have a Apple ID/account. 2. Download Pandora's Box or MacPwn to create bootable installer. 3. DO NOT install a modified Kernel as it is not necessary for Sierra and i will explain why. 4. After the installer has completed the bootable usb you need to install Clover EFI to the USB to make it bootable as well as patch the kernel for your AMD FX 8350 processor. After you have completed the clover install you have to install your kexts for your system devices and hardware the clover EFI directory in the kext folder in the 10.12 folder. I recommend using Kext wizard to repair permissions and caches for the usb installer once you have completed the install of the kext files. 5. After you have completed your installer you need to reboot to your BIOS settings. Restore Bios to DEFAUT settings and then change secure boot to disabled, VT-D off, and Power management settings that your bios has as default as this will interfere with your NullPowerManagement kext and wont be able to boot properly. Change the Sata configuration to AHCI and disable fast boot if enabled by bios. After you have completed the bios settings you can now reboot to your USB Installer either from BIOS or by pressing your boot override button upon reboot which for me is F8 but can be F10 F12 F2 ESC DEL or whatever the override button is for your MOBO to manually select the USB to boot to so there is no confusion in BIOS when booting up. 6. At this point you should be booted into the Clover Bootloader. If not reboot double check that you saved the Bios settings that we changed earlier to proper settings and select the USB to boot either from Bios or by hitting the override button depending on MOBO. Once you are in the clover bootloader you must change settings in clover options to include your boot arguments which for my system was; -v -f npci=0x2000 kext-dev-mode=1 cpus=1. In the CPU settings enable APICpatch. In Binaries Patching select all patches, and in Graphics disable all or remove all checks as we dont have graphics drivers setup yet and will cause issue when booting the first time to installer. Once this is complete return to main menu and hit enter on Boot Sierra 10.12 in the boot options. 7. If everything goes as planned you should have seen apple logo and load bar that takes a few minutes to load but should bring you to the installer. Once you are at installer go to diskutility and erase either a partition that you would like to use on your HDD or wipe the entire HDD which is the preferred method as it will take out any issues during boot by other OS that may be on the HDD. After you erase the drive/partition you need to exit and select the drive from the installer and hit next. The installer takes 20-30 mins. 8.After the install has completed you need to reboot to clover and repeat the process in step 6 but do not select the USB Installer and select your freshly installed sierra osx partition/drive instead and repeat the boot arguments and settings from step 6. This will bring you to the final settings of the installer which is the account name, users, interenet setup, Apple ID setup, etc. After you have filled out all the information you will then be booted into your fresh Sierra OSX 10.12 clean install fully stable working OS. However you will need to install or alter kext files to accomodate all you drivers and hardware but it is not hard to do with a little research on google will help you complete final setup tweaks and configurations. Please enjoy this guide as there is no guide like this online and had to figure all this out myself through trial and error but persistence is KEY! This guide does work as i have OSX Sierra with app store working, icloud, itunes working, fully stable all hardware is working and drivers are all installed. It is a work of ART to get to this point and the functionality of a hackintosh is endless. Best OS i have worked with and just another update i currently have Linux Mint, Windows 7 Ultimate, Sierra OSX and Yosemite OSX fully working on my HACKINTOSH. If you have any questions please let me know and ill assist to my best ability. Happy Hacking!!
  2. MacOS Sierra bless boot program error

    I was able to install by unchecking all customization boxes and leaving the standard install os in place. However, I cannot boot into Sierra at the moment. I get kernel panic after all drivers are loaded and kennel engages. I'm working on the work around for this issue as of now. If anybody can help me out with shedding light into my issue of booting into Sierra that would be amazing. PC Specs: AMD FX 8350 ASUS m5a99fx r2.0 16 GB ram Nvidia gtx610 Corsair hm60 liquid cooler Tp-link Archer c7 (2) ASUS dvd/rw Geekbench score: single core 2500 and 11,450 on multiple cores. Rated for MacPro 5,1.