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  1. error "move nvidia.pkg"

    Hey This is what I did. Problem: 1) cound not move nvidia.pkg Partial Solution : uncheck it from Customize Menu. (Customise Menu appears when you choose the destination/drive/partition on which you want to install Mac) When this is solved subsiquent problems that appear are : Audio.pkg , dart0 so and and so forth. COMPLETE SOLUTION: UNCHECK all those items what have a size of "Zero KiloBytes" , every item that has zero size will trigger an error one by one when you try to install , so just uncheck them all(it includes bootflags present in Customise Menu, look carefully and search for all such items , they may be present at difrent levels[item inside item]). Your installation will complete now. However post installation you may need to install kexts(drivers) , bootloader etc that got unchecked from Customise menu. My Laptop Specs: Samsung NP300E5C , Ivy Bridge based Intel Core i5 3210 processor, Intel HD Graphics 4000 + Nvidia GeForce 620M. Phoenix BIOS Settings req. to run are: Hyperthreading: enabled EDB : enabled Fast bios : disabled AHCI Mode Control: Manual - Enabled (imp otherwise HDD wont be detected) Secure Boot : Disabled - CSM OS