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  1. (solved)Intel HD 4400 showing 4mb

    Because I solved it, see the update in op. P.s don't use these illegal images, these are garbage. instead use the original one from apple.
  2. Install Failed: Undefined error: 0

    I also had the same problem and it booted fine but my Intel HD 4400 graphics was not working and I found that there are some graphics kext which were missing from the system
  3. (solved)Intel HD 4400 showing 4mb

    Maybe because of some missing kext like appleintelframebufferazul.kext, appleintelframebuffercapri.kext etc which were not present in the /system/library/extensions folder
  4. Intel HD 4400 showing 4mb Recently I installed niresh Sierra zone on my PC and managed to get work everything except graphics, it is showing 4mb and no kext loaded. My PC:- Cpu-i3 4005u Gpu- Intel HD 4400 mobile Please help me out of this issue. Update: I installed the graphics kext from /backup and after that the graphics is working