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  1. GTX 1050 not detected in Sierra, Display 3MB

    Sorry for the late reply, Thank you for your suggestion @Niresh and @neverwannaknow! Now my graphics card worked fine and shows 2GB of memory But now I have occasional random crashes showing some words on the screen and then it goes to reboot. I guess that is kernel panic? but I cannot find the log everywhere. is it located in the console here below? because there's no recent ones after the crash happened. I have tried reinstalling OS X a couple of times but it still happen even when it is fresh install. how I can diagnose this problem? Thanks
  2. GTX 1050 not detected in Sierra, Display 3MB Hey everyone, I've just installed SierraZone onto my PC and the installation is pretty much flawless (sound and network working) apart from my graphics card cannot be detected. Even after installing the correct nvidia drivers and setting up the correct parameters in clover configurator, still no luck for me. About Mac shows display 3mb and no graphics acceleration (a lot of screen glitches and choppiness). I'm really hopeful that someone here can help fix this problem. I already attach some screenshot from my system. Let me know if i need to provide more information. Thanks Specs: Dell Precision T1600 Intel Core i3 2100 Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB 4GB DDR3 Screenshots :