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  1. sound help pls noise issue speakers

    No Help yet. Please Help Niresh
  2. sound help pls noise issue speakers Hi Niresh thanks for your awesome work. I'm running your build and it is by far the awesomeness one i have got working as of yet. YOU da MAN I'm having a issue with my sound its having a lot of noise in speakers. and the volume is not that loud only when i turn the dial up full. If i have it at 50% can't hear nothing and its usually loud on linux like this on 50%. If you can help please be awesome. Thank you. My friend helped my get sierra up with my GTX 1070 running sierra 10.12.5 working flawlessly. expect for my sound issue. My friend that helped me is here if you know him. Here is my speakers I'm using if i have to buy something else let me know thanks Here is my motherbroad also oc formula/ Awesome place Thanks. Hope you can help or somebody else