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    Ahhh swift developement and mac hacking also called hackintoshing love smart ideas to make possible ;).

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  1. Problem. I need help please ... SOS

    Tip: Virtualbox 5.1.x has really big problems with reading mac os x discs since apple doesn't allow it. Just downgrade virtualbox to older version 4.1.x or any older no (5.1 or 5)
  2. Well not until yosemite only mavericks support i think Intel hd graphics is not really fast. 4gb ram is enough for mavericks on yosemite it will be minimum choppy intel cpu celeron is not recommended Just use i3 i5 or i7 And 32 bit systems are not likely supported by mac Please could you gimme more details about your specs?
  3. Sierra and Graphics Card

    Install the kexts drivers for your AMD Series in the s/l/e you can do that with kext wizard once that reboot if that doesn't work load the kexts instead of installing
  4. uhhh yes but it does overwrite yosemite but you have to format it because os x will automatically say installation failed so btw you have to format in order to install or partition the hard disk
  5. Yosemite Updates

    Yes truely its possible to upgrade its kinda hard todo because if you have AMD Proccessor you need to wait until niresh releases a new hackintosh distro. and then make a backupwith time machine and install the newer mac from usb and then you will be asked to have your old data back from windows machine or from your old mac version which if you choose from mac all data will be copied to your new sierra from yosemite so you don't need to lose any data or backup everything on a different usb drive and then use time machine to recover files from usb if its possible because i never use time machine. If you don't want to recover any data then just click on configure as new mac. And it is safe to download app store updates if you have a good intel processor if you have amd you need to use a custom kernel which somebody has patched. Just search on google with this search term: (example) hackintosh sierra amd patched kernel update 10.12.6 is the latest or you want to update yosemite to 10.10.5 search for update patched kernels amd 10.10.5 Here is the search term i already have for you if its only what you need the search term i used =: amd kernel patched hackintosh yosemite 10.10.5 Or find on youtube a good video how to upgrade a hackintosh yosemite to sierra
  6. Kernel panic after installing mavericks 10.9

    Loos like a kext eror or a missing dependencie try to boot with -x for safe mode it disabled dangerous kexts to boot mac without issues and maybe by updating or find another or delete the highlighted kext that is causing a kernel panic try also when you setup the mac try also with: -v -x xcpm kext-dev-mode=1 maybe that should initialize all kexts. Mostly a kernel panic will come if a kexts is required for booting the system is corrupted, missing or you must to update the kext because its outdated or you need to downgrade the kext to older version using kext wizard doesnt matter to install older or newer kexts supported for your lapotp model or desktop and the right mavericks so your system could boot normally. i looked up for ya the patched kernel you use i think its not supported with your cpu and i think that will only cause more problems. Bronzovka's (A.K.A. Bronyas) 10.9.0 mach_kernel_rc7 AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 AMD Opteron™ Processor 3350 HE AMD FX-8320 AMD FX-8350 AMD FX-8150 AMD Athlon™ X2 340 AMD Phenom II X4 955 [Black Edition] AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Intel Paxville Xeon DP AMD A8-4500m APU Others (Maybe others like i3 i5 i7 maybe not pentium D) im not sure but try to use the vanilla way. And the kernel extensions one of them are faulty. Like it says kernel extension in backtraces. i think you found your problem by download and replace the corrupted kext which maybe can be found in /System/Library/Extensions so first try to reinstall from usb with original niresh kernel dont use amd kernel because you have intel and after it says installation complete... restart ETA like 10 seconds click restart you see a chameleon bootloader so as you mentioned in your problem then try -v -x xcpm npci=0x2000 dart=0 then setup the mac and reboot without -x see if that works.
  7. Only if you have 2 partition or 2 hard disk because Sierra and yosemite includes the same folders for system files like application there within safari etc utilities it will overwrite so you have to install it on a different hard disk or shrink/split your volume in 2 partition so just split 1 harddisk in 2 partitions BTW: You need to search the tutorial (how to partition 1 hard disk in 2 partition for hackintosh etc....) it doesnt matter which search term you use you got to search it on google bc im not gonna advertise other tutorials for sites maybe you can find a tutorial on look in the forums there is something useful in here.
  8. Yosemite Zone vs Sierra Zone

    Use another tool or wait for a update or just do it like terminal way and then install uefi clover or legacy boot mode so hard shouldn't it be.
  9. Yosemite Zone vs Sierra Zone

    maybe try to find intel hd 4000 kext driver fkr sierra zone because sierra is bigger and comes with more features to newer macs and the operating system is 3 gb larger then el capitan sk sierra cant run on a pc with low spec that will be not amazing maybe sierra has other kexts the yosemite i dont know the solution but what i know is that the macos sierra is twice bigger then yosemite
  10. AMD install

    yosemite will run very good el capitan is good but some lags sierra nahhh better not amd iis not a processor that is supported by mac so most if you do a clean install with sierra on your amd pc it will lag pretty hard choppy grapics animation also if you have 4 gb ram it may also could lag because 8 is recommended 4 is minimum but jf you have the right kexts sierra should be able to run on the amd pc but you cant expect that on yor amd cpu sierra will run very smoothly if you have a low end pc if you have 8 gb ram it should run smooth but many users recommend to install sierra on a intel processor but i say give it a try
  11. Niresh 10.9 cannot get to installer

    Did you tried vanilla way is your laptop running smooth for macOS? already tried to boot with safe mode maybe you are selecting a other kernel or you just need to add the bootflag -x means safe mode boot Or try the vanilla way Your model seems to be a old model try also to add bootlfag npci=0x2000 otherwise you will be stuck at pci configuration begin i do always boot with -v if i want to boot to installer if that didn’t work try to disable prelinkedkernelcache by adding bootflag: UseKernelCache=No or if no bootflag either work then its maybe a corrupted kernel and maybe macos can’t boot to the installer. Also let me know which bootloader you use? and which version latest or older. Did you tried to reburn all the files on the usb with transmac on windows maybe that could fix corrupted or missing files. or you need a custom kernel for dell i dont know which kernel but i will take my time to search for you if you need a custom kernel. Next time include a screenshot. – Demy
  12. Is OS Update from the App Store Safe?

    Yes if you have intel i3 or i5 maybe i7 its safe and other intel based processors thats compatible with app store updates if you have intel hashwell, hp or AMD you need a custom kernel for that osx version to boot other you will get a kernel panic or macOS will not boot
  13. Niresh 10.9 cannot get to installer

    Hello, Sir @bilal2404 i am sorry to hear you had problems with hackintosh Your model is: dell optiplex gx 620 pentium D 820 3gb ram nvidia 512 ddr2 gs 8400 it seems to be a old model i recommend to upgrade your videocard to a nvidia geforce 600 series with 1 gb ram mac os will run smoother. in case 512 mb is very low but i dont know how mac os x runs on your laptop since mac os x mavericks is not a operating system when you need high end pc so thats good but your ram seems to be ok, Recommended ram is also: 4 gb but i do not have problems when i also use 3 gb ram bc my pc does have 8 but i had a old pc which had 3 gb i could also run mac smooth on pc with 3 gb ram So i dont understand the problem very good so what for black screen do you see a cursor flickering or is the screen just black and it does nothing Questions: Do you use Clover or Chameleon as bootloader: if you use clover the problem may is that its missing OsxAptioFix2Drv-64 which you can search a tutorial for how to install OsxAptioFix2Drv To install the following file (OsxAptioFix2Drv) you need clover configurator. Maybe upload a ss or pm it to me so i can look maybe i understand the error different so do u know whats causing the error but you can't find the solution may also say to me if it logs/outputs on the screen a error and it hangs also report it to me or to @Niresh may you not able to pm him bc he only responds on forums. If it gives you only a black screen it must be a file thats missing or the pc can't find the kernel in s/l/k system/library/kernels/kernel to boot up or you missing a requird file dependency to boot up mac os installer i hope you'll respond fast if the error dissapeared in one time and you didn't know why it maybe could be a boot bug or your usb flash drive was not detected anymore Also try if you have windows try with transmac to burn the files again on the usb For mac see tutorials on hackintosh. If i couldn't help you soon and you have the problem still try vanilla method see tutorials on there are some tutorials out there that may help. sorry for my english I am a dutch person, i will try to improve my english to talk on internet and in real to improve my social envoirement with people to talk so my english will be better. -- Demy
  14. hd graphics 3000 resolution sierra

    Also on intel hd 3000 FakeID Does nothing since i have seen this problem so i have my old pc my intel hd 3000 videocard was arrived at my house so i unboxed it. installed it into my old pc and you're right hackintosh does not detect the video card if the hackintosh is used for first time or if you did a clean install. By me hackintosh sierra on my old pc with the videocard doesn't enable QE/CI is needed for full smooth accerelation so the os doesn't have any lag. my advice: Search on google for intel hd 3000 kexts/graphics or drivers for hackintosh or try this BootFlags GraphicsEnabler=Yes -v if you're stuck at [PCI Configuration Begin] reset computer if your computer has a reset button to instantly restart try again with bootflag: -v npci=0x2000 or npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=Yes you can't use npci=0x2000 and npci=0x3000 at the same time as bootflag this will result issues so only use npci=0x2000 or npci=0x3000 try which one is the best with your pc or laptop or just use kext wizard or kext utility whatever tool you use to load or install kexts to S/ L/ E (System/Library/Extensions/) thats the place where all required kexts files are to boot and run mac good without any issues. This driver also works for 10.12 i hope because i tested it and it worked for my Old PC The file does not belongs to me the drivers are officialy uploaded by @KemalALKIN Credits to him for uploading also look good at his tutorial the link for the download also includes a tutorial. I comfirmed it on: 2nd gen i3 sandy Bridge with intel 3000 if you use chameleon as bootloader (Latest Version) it will auto detect your gpu without to use a enabler. Method 3: You guys have now sierra also try vanilla method tutorial can be found on hackintosh using unibeast or macpwn I Recommended for el capitan: MacPwn from hackintosh credits: @Niresh For Sierra: Macpwn i used unibeast because my pc has some problems with macpwn. I used for my friend macpwn because hes computer didn't support uefi booting so i used macpwn it was a lot faster with copying installing the bootloader then macpwn and mac was running smooth because macpwn i tried unibeast but my friends pc didn't work smooth after install with unibeast when i did it for my friend with macpwn the computer had no audio, network/Ethernet, Graphics/Drivers or other general problems hes computer worked fine so thanks to @Niresh for the tool. Also note: Only download hackintosh content or macpwn tool from this site Reason why: if you download MacPwn from a uknown source or site it maybe could include malicious files ransomware, adware or virusses that may affect your macOS, Windows, SSD/HDD or even the worse part the bios so the computer can not start up any more thats why you need to backup a flashable or a full backup from your bios to flash it back from the usb. Why macpwn for el capitan: Many users on internet are saying unibeast 6.0.1 6.2.0 el capitan hangs at bootloader and macpwn el capitan does not hang thats why i recommend macpwn for el capitan If it worked im glad it helped any questions just pm me i had all those errors you guys got and i fixed them all by myself i know how to fix those errors no problem i love to help people so just pm me don't hestiate i will not respond very fast but if i am online i will do what i can to help you.
  15. Unknown Error

    UKnown Error Somebody This maybe a error that some of you guys didn't see but maybe some other people have may the same problem as me please if you know any solution tell me? hackintosh Sierra Zone from niresh clean install on usb but can't boot it even doesn't boot to the installer if i want to boot from usb the first what i get is this included screenshot. Error Output: Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132 - Enoch r2848 8154MB Memory VESA v3.0 14MB (NVIDIA) Booting to macOS 10.12.3 (16D32) System Integrity Protection Status: disabled (Custom Configuration). CsrActiveConfig = 0x03 (0000011) Configuration: Kext Signing: disabled FileSystem Protection: disabled Task for PID: enabled Debugging Restrictions: enabled Apple Internal: enabled DTrace Restrictions: enabled NVRAM Protection: enabled Nothing is happening i get black screen with a grey typing cursor i can't do anything i tried to redownload and return it with transmac i tried to do the vanilla way the same error --- End of Log Current Mackintosh version : Mackintosh Yosemite aka 10.10.5 Windows Version: 10 Home ScreenShot link Specs: Intel Core 5 3300CPU 4 Cores (TM) 3.00 GHZ 3.20GHZ *8 GB Ram (8154 MB) (1600 MHZ Megahertz) DDr3 Graphics: MSi GeForce GT 630 2048MB (2GB video ram) Hope somebody can help me?

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