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  1. Error: 0

    if you have finish installing yosemite without selecting bootloader. you cannot boot at the first time but you can boot on your usb installer and continue to yosemite.. then install your bootloader of your choice. either chameleon or clover..
  2. Error: 0

    just don't select a boot loader.. install the boot loader after you have finish installing yosemite.. hope it helps..
  3. Gray Screen

    I have a sony vaio z1 and i successfully installed Yosemite DP1. My Graphics Card is GT 330m was supported but when i reboot i get gray screen after apple logo. So what i did is to close the laptop lid so that it would sleep then i open it afterwards then i can see my system is running. The thing is every time i turn on my laptop i always close the lid just to get to the desktop. please help